The song has a soothing tune that adds a gist to its entertaining rhythm. This authentic form of electronic music has been done by Enrico Milano, who shows his ingenious and creative abilities. The instrumentals played are vastly convenient for dancing especially in consideration of the fact that the song itself is inherently electronic dance music (edm). The melodious tune also instigates a relaxing feeling that cools and alleviates your moods while calming your mind.

Enrico Milano plays Electronic Music that is suitable for jogging and even working out. Equally, this song is considered house music and would imminently light up house parties, clubs, and discos. The dance music is impeccable for festivals and would ensure people are having a fun time. It is even depicted in the music video where people dance to the lively beats and rhythm of the song.

Furthermore, the song serves other purposes, such as encouragement and lifting spirits when someone is feeling low. It is such an addictive song, and its harmonic structure makes it suitable for a plethora of occasions. It is indeed an amazing track that you do not want to miss out on. You can subscribe to the channel and conveniently listen to your favorite tracks.

The music video is efficaciously shot through photography features such as Cottonbro from Pexels Wolfgang Langer da Pexels, Polina Tankilevitch da Pexels, Evgenia Kirpichnikova da Pexels, Taryn Elliott da Pexels, Jack and God is Gracious from Pexels, and Naveen G da Pexels. These features give the video its riveting and mesmerizing look that equally adds to its unique nature. The video is pretty original and new and was uploaded on 7th January 2021.

Personally, the music video is quite captivating and could do no wrong. You can even get to learn some dance moves while being entertained. I would rate it a perfect 9/10, and the instrumentals inevitably live up to the high standards of electronic music. Look no further when you are in need of entertaining music that would lift your soul.

Music by Enrico Milano



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